The vicinity of Mas Bernadis offers plenty of possible activities. Swimming in the pool or in the river, lake or sea. It is a true paradise for bikers and hikers. In addition to that you can enjoy all the possible day trips.


If you seek some cooling-down, which can be very welcome in the middle of a summer in the Cevennes, you just walk to our pool. The pool is 4 by 9 meter large and is not located too close to Mas Bernadis, so that fellow guests do not have to enjoy pool sounds on their own terrace. The pool is built is such a way that you are offered a magnificent view on the valley of Mas Bernadis, when you lean agains one of the sides. A special experience. For the very little ones, we can set up a baby pool. You can also swim in rivers like the Luech, the lake of Villefort or even in the Mediterranean.
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The vicinity of Mas Bernadis is a paradise for Bikers. Some footpaths are also open for mountain bikers, a somewhat adventurous attitude of the cyclist is needed to absolve these tracks. It is also possible to cycle on the normal roads. Just after having left Mas Bernadis you directly reach calm and quiet routes. The terrain is by no means flat, so a bicycle with adjustable gears and a good condition of the rider are a prerequisite for an enjoyable trip. At Mas Bernadis we have Trekking and Cycling maps and of course we are happy to help you plan an activity. We have written down some tracks of our own, for you to see by using the button on this page, below.


The vicinity of Mas Bernadis is also a paradise for Hikers. Within the Gard some 6000 kilometres of foot paths are well way marked and maintained. With an accuracy one would not expect in France. At Mas Bernadis we have Trekking maps and of course we are happy to help you plan an activity. We have written down some tracks of our own, for you to see by using the button on this page, below.
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Day trips

 There are a lot of possible activities in the near vicinity of Mas Bernadis. Visiting caves, Canoetreks, Horsebackriding to name just a few examples. Below you can find links leading to more detailed information.

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