Hiking Cevennes tracks


Hiking Cevennes

A real joy. Many good marked hiking tracks with a lot of variation: from relatively flat to uphill. By clicking the tracks below, an commentary opens and you can link to a map of the track. GPS data can be downloaded immediately in various formats.

From Mas Bernadis

Used by us for a stroll with our dog Ryan. Slightly uphill, partly on a footpath. If you do not have a dog this is a nice walk for after dinner.

Total length 3.2 km, maximum height 84 m, 86 m altitudemetres.  

Map of the track

Also used by us as a stroll with our dog Ryan. Slightly uphill over a trail in a forest, also very suited as a stroll after dinner.

Total length 3.2 km, maximum height 84 m, 62 m altitudemetres. 

Map of the track

For a stroll with your this might be a bit too much. But for a dog who likes to walk and sniff a lot, this is a real treat. Includes a short but steep climb where you have to watch youyr step, especially when the ground is wet.

Total length 5.6 km, maximum height 84 m, 140m altitudemetres. 

Map of the track


Walk from Mas Bernadis along the adventure park “Le Grand Bois” and through Les Brousses back again. Partly sheltered and because of its limited length it is a suitable walk for the middle of a hot summer.

Total length 5 km, maximum altitude 103 m, altitudemetres 158 m. 

Map of the track


A walk of medium length from Mas Bernadis, through forests to and through Robiac and back again. In particular, the climb back to Mas Bernadis has little shade. Better to walk this early in a summers day.

Total length 6 km, maximum altitude 123 m, altitudemetres 208 m. 

Map of the track

A walk of medium length from Mas Bernadis through the woods behind our neighbor’s Mas Blanc and back to Mas Bernadis. The walk runs on a sunlit path and shade is not easy to find. Therefore less suitable to walk in the middle of a summers day.

Total length 6 km, maximum altitude 202 m, altitudemetres 244 m. 

Map of the track

A beautiful walk, which starts from Mas Bernadis. Beautiful views, but to achieve that you really need to climb. Not suitable to walk in the midst of summer, in the afternoon. Not really recommended for less experienced or rather less trained hikers.

Total length 11 km, maximum altitude 483 m, altitudemetres 873 m. 

Map of the track

A long walk. From Mas Bernadis it goes along the boundaries of the village of Gammal and after a long forest trail goes over the Col des Brousses. Then you pass behind our neighbors, the Mas Blanc to return, after having enjoyed a view of a distant Mas Bernadis. Because this hike follows forest trails, there is almost always shade to be found and you do not need to do this hike early in the day.

Total length 12 km, maximum altitude 252 m, altitudemetres 408 m. 

Map of the track

In the vicinity

A walk full history. Start and end is in Meyrannes, 5 km from Mas Bernadis. The walk is well plotted and some signs on the road give the necessary information on the history of this area. On the way back you walk over a trail through a forest and come to a “staircase” that goes up. It is wise to take these stairs, so you will return to the starting point of the walk.

Total length 4.6 km, maximum altitude 150 m, altitudemetres 490 m. 

Map of the track

A nice walk from Chambon. Historic area, a vibrant center of mining activities in the 19th century. Many ruins and corridors are the witnesses of that time. At the end follows a botanical surprise: many trees and bushes are described in greater detail by means of plates.

Total length 5.5 km, maximum altitude 173 m. 

Map of the track

A walk with a lot of variation. Start and end is in Banne, a beautiful town in the south of the Ardeche. The walk is fairly well marked. Immediately after you go down from the cemetery, you can see both a marker to the left and straight ahead. The difference is only whether you want to walk the route clockwise or counterclockwise. Left is in our opinion more beautiful. An attentionpoint is when you cross large road. Here, the marking is somewhat unclear. You have to cross here and walk past the house across a small wooden bridge.

Total length 6.6 km, maximum altitude 141 m, altitudemetres 790 m. 

Map of the track


A hike with a lot of variation, which takes you mainly trough the woods. Nice views. This track partly runs along a “Grande Randonnée”, with red signposting. Pay attention to the moment when these tracks split, otherwise you end up a whole lot further.

Total length 7.4 km, maximum altitude 223 m, altitudemetres 806 m. 

Map of the track


A beautiful walk, which starts in La Begude, about a 25 minute drive from Mas Bernadis. Beautiful views, especially from the Chapelle de Saint Saturnin. Not too difficult in terms of climbing. However, on a number of places you walk along depths, pay attention here.

Total length of 9 km, maximum altitude 240 m, altitudemetres 745 m. 

Map of the track

A varied walk around Moliere sur Ceze, a village which makes a somewhat deserted impression after the closure of the mines. The path towards the castle Montalet goes up steeply. From the castle it goes up and down over passable paths and then again on forest trails gradually up and down towards Moliere sur Ceze. The walk is doable if you are reasonabley fit.

Total length 9,7 km, maximum altitude 275 m, altitudemetres 283 m. 

Map of the track

A nice walk around Besseges. Goes up, sometimes quite steep, along the trees and bushes. Downwards it  goes largely through pine forests. On a quiet Sunday morning you get the idea that you are alone in the world. Indeed not surprising that the famous book “Nobody’s boy” partly takes place in this environment.

Total length 10.2 km, maximum altitude 291 m, altitudemetres 891. 

Map of the track

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