Food and Drink

Food and Drink

We cook a 3 course dinner, three days a week. If you want more, please contact us. (Click on the button “Contact” on the bottom right)
Vegetarian food is no problem. Even if you have dietary requirements (Cow’s milk intolerance or allergy) you remain welcome. Dinner is not mandatory, the menu for the next day is showed in the afternoon on the terrace. Based upon the menu , you can decide whether you want to join or not. We cook as much as possible with fresh products of the season. A selection from the repertoire: Duck breast with orange sauce, Homemade Pasta, Risotto with mint, French pearpie. If you would like to dine with us on the day of your arrival, Saturday, please let us know no later than the day before. On one of the other two days we bake Pizza.

Bière Bernadis

Bière Bernadis is the beer we brew at Mas Bernadis. The recipes have been adjusted to the climate of Southern France. A Blond beer of 8% does not taste so good in the burning summersun. We only brew with organic ingredients and mainly for our guests. We do sell some beer locally, on the market of Saint Ambroix. We brew 4 types of beers each season: A blond beer, an urtyp beer and a wheat beer. The fourth type is different each season.

Childrens menu

For children we serve smaller portions. If they do not like something, there is always an alternative.


You can have breakfast served.

Organic wine

We serve organic housewine, per glass of pitcher.


You can order fresh bread for each morning.

“you can enjoy marvellous food, with a home brewed beer in the restaurant.”

“Almost every evening you are presented a fantastic three course dinner, where the childrens wishes are taken into account.”


If you prefer to take care of food and drink yourselves, there is enough choice on the local markets. There one in the neighbourhood almost each day.

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