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Here you can find the availability of our gites. We rent per week, from saturday to saturday. In the off-season we can deviate from this principle, if the bookings of other guests allows us to do so. Off course this is done in mutual consultation. Contact us in this case.

In our bookingform you can fill in all details needed. By return mail (if a form is filled in late in the evening, the next morning) you will receive an offical confirmation, with all details.

Here, Contact and itinerary,  you can see in which part of France the Cevennes and Mas Bernadis are located. On this page you can als find an itinerary. Do you prefer to use your own navigator, our GPS coordinates are: 44.2634209 N en 4.1248627 E.
We do advise not to rely too much on a navigator in these areas. 9 out of 10 navigators consider a path where one can hardly walk, as a road suitable for cars. Our itinerary prevents you getting  lost.

Unfortunately this is not possible with us. In Saint Ambroix (a 10-minute drive), you can. While enjoying a cup of coffee on a terrace, you can have your car charged.

Children are very welcome at Mas Bernadis. For the smallest children you can borrow a baby cot, highchair or children’s bath for free. We can also set up a “paddle pool” if the pool is too deep. We do not have a human animation team to entertain the children. This task is fulfilled by butterflies, locusts and lizards which they can find without much difficulty. The space on our grounds and beyond calls for discovery tours. The swimming pool and the many places where you can swim in natural water complete the picture. For specific day trips you can watch here.

Dogs are welcome at Mas Bernadis. We do ask you to keep your dog on a leish on our yard. Outside our yard you can set your dog free. There are some walks nearby, that are fun to walk for each dog and their owner. In any case this goes for our own dog, Ryan, a Border Collie. Other pets are unfortunately not allowed.

No that is not possible. We find that the pleasure that a smoker experiences from the cigarette does not outweigh the nuisance experienced by a non-smoker.

No that is not possible. We think it is no pleasure for other guests to sit in the smoke of a BBQ on their terrace.

No, you can choose that yourself. We cook a 3-course menu on Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday you can pick up a freshly baked Pizza, with fillings of your choice, in our Restaurant. The evening before there is a menu for the next day. You can register for dinner based on this menu.
If you want to eat with us for more than 3 days, please contact us.

Very nearby. You can order every evening, what kind of fresh bread you would like the next morning. You can pick-up this order the next morning.

In the Céze and some other brooks you can swim and jump from cliffs. You can choose some quiet places both about 20 minutes from Mas Bernadis and a somewhat livelier place, where you can also eat something on about 25 minutes.
In the lake of Villefort you can swim. Villefort lies on a bit higher altitude and that is why the water is cool, especailly in the midst of summer that is not too bad. Villefort is about an hours drive from Mas Bernadis, but because the road takes you straight through the centre of the Cevennes, with lots of beautiful views, this drive is surely not a waste of time. You can also swim in the sea. That is a 2 hours drive from Mas Bernadis, but on the other hand you can combine this with a visit to Montpellier, a beautiful city. 

From Mas Bernadis it is about 5 kilometer to Besseges. Here you can find one supermarket with everything you might need. If you would like to have a supermarket with larger offering, you can go to Saint Ambroix, about 12 kilometer from Mas Bernadis. Here you can find about 4 supermarkets with a large assortment. In the larger supermarkets you can find organic and dietary product (cow’s milk free, Gluten free) Supermarkten are normally open each day. On sunday until 12:30 and other days until 19:30. If in doubt, please ask us. opening hours can change.

In Nîmes, Avignon and Montpellier you can enjoy a typical mediterranean atmosphere. The sunny weather, terraces where you eat or drink something and nice shops. Characteristically you find in:
Nimes. a beautiful roman arena, the “maison carré” and much more.
Avignon: The Palace of the Pope, the renown Bridge of Avignon and in summer there is a celebrated streetfestival with lots of music and theatre.
Montpellier: A beautiful, free, Zoo. The sea is just a couple of kilometres away.

Saint Ambroix is a medieval village. From the dugas, a hill in the middel of the village, you can enjoy a beautiful view. On 13 and 14 july there is a medieval festival, Volo Biou, concluded with a spectacular fireworks.
Naves: A village close to Les Vans, with carfree streest and an atmosphere ot its own.
Rochegude: A village close to Saint Ambroix, also with an atmosphere of its own. Lots of tiny streets.

On tuesday there is a market in Saint Ambroix, about a 20 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
On wednesday and saturday there is a market in Uzes, about a 60 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
Op thursday there is a market in Besseges, about a 10 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
On friday there is a market in Barjac, about a 30 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.
On saturday there aremarkets in Grande Combe and Les Vans, both about a 45 minutes drive from Mas Bernadis.

In April and May the temperature during the day is mostly nice, the sun can shine, but there may also be a shower. 30 degrees in April is no exception but no certainty. Here you can see the average day and night temperature and the average hours of sunshine and mm of rain.

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In June, July and August it is really summer weather. Warm with lots of sun. The sparse rain that falls is usually limited to a few hours. And as soon as it has stopped raining, almost immediately the sun appears. Here you see the average day and night temperature and the average hours of sunshine and mm of rain.

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In September and October you can often experience an indian summer. The sun is certainly still abundant, but the probability of rain is greater at the end of this period, the last weeks of October. Here you see the average day and night temperature and the average hours of sunshine and mm of rain.

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On April 26, 2007 we first entered the site of Mas Bernadis and we both fell in love immediately with this beautiful place, in the tranquility of nature. Our son, Luca, was just 4 years old and immediately chased a fleeing lizard and we looked each other in the eye. The decision had already been taken: we would exchange our old life in the Netherlands of meetings, crowds and traffic jams for an unknown new life in France. This was the place where we could realize our dream. Without any experience with hospitality and major refurbishments but with lots of good spirits and good will, we started. The desire to run a small-scale unique holiday resort like a family, without staff, has been released. And more importantly, we all still enjoy what we are doing. Our love for the unique location and unique Mas from 1850 has remained. We have been able to share this love with guests and this love has not remained unanswered. Anyone who would like to enjoy this unique location, our restaurant and our homebrewed beer is welcome !

John, Cora en Luca

Fancy & Like a lovely holiday,

in the quiet of nature, still to be found in Southern France ?

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), the Privacy statement of:
Mas Bernadis
Les Bois
30160 Robiac Rochessadoule

Which personal data are concerned:
e-mail address, (mobile) phone number, name and address.

What do we do with personal data:
e-mail addresses and (mobile) phone numbers are used to communicate with (possible) guests. Name and address details are stated on the final invoice.

Retention period for personal data:
e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are only saved if you have booked with us. They are kept until the end of the year in which you have stayed with us.
Name and address details, that need to be stated on our invoices, are kept for 10 years in accordance with French legislation.

Sharing personal data:
Personal data is not shared. Not with people, not with companies.

General security:
Our website is secured through the https protocol. (See the lock icon in the URL address bar) This security means that all data on our contact and booking forms are sent encrypted over the Internet and only received in an understandable form by us.

After you have filled in a bookingform, you will receive a bookingconfirmation by email.

The rent
There are no additional mandatory cost. The rent includes electricity, gas, water, use of sun loungers and swimming pool.
Cleaning costs, bed linen, booking costs and tourist tax are also included.
You cannot charge an electric car with us. However, this is possible in Saint Ambroix ( a 10 minute drive)

It is not possible to use a BBQ with us (charcoal, gas or electric)

It is not possible to smoke on our premises: The entire Mas Bernadis site (inside and outside the gites) is a non-smoking area.

We will kindly request you to transfer 50% of the Rent after receipt of the confirmation.
Only after receipt of this payment, your can consider your booking as final.
The remainder needs to be transferred two months prior to your arrival.
Details regarding payment are stated on the booking confirmation.

Cancellation policy
Should you cancel until 2 months prior to arrival you owe 50% of the rent.
Should you cancel within 2 months prior to your arrival you owe 100% of the rent.
We advise you to take on a cancellation insurance.

The online payments you enter on our website, are processed on the secure Mollie platform.

Mollie processes payments for webshops. Mollie is a mediator; They ensure that your money is transferred securely from your bank to us. As they will do the payment for us, you will see Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments on your bank statement

While booking you can use following coupon codes:

14 If you are staying at least 14 nights, we grant you a discount of 2,5 %
21 If you are staying at least 21 nights, we grant you a discount of 2 %

This discount is calculated on total rental price, excluding extras (Dinner, Dog, Towels, etc.)