Location of Mas Bernadis and itinerary

  • You exit the auto route du sud (A7) at exit 19, Bollène/Pont St. Esprit.
  • First you take the direction of Pont St. Esprit.
  • You take the D86 for some kilometres and subsequently the D901 direction Barjac.
  • Having past Barjac, you take the D979 in the direction of Saint Jean de Mauruejols.
  • From there you take the D51 in the direction of Saint Ambroix.
  • In Saint Ambroix you take the D904 in the direction of Bessèges.
  • Just outside Saint Ambroix you turn left (still in the direction of Bessèges) onto the D51.
  • After about 9 km turn left and follow the signpost “Robiac Rochessadoule”. You cross a bridge with arches.
  • Directly after the bridge take a left and cross the village, following the signposts “Les Bois” the road goes uphill.
  • While following this road you will notice some signpost with “Mas Bernadis” en “Bernadis”
  • About 3 km aftre having left Robiac, after ” consecutive hairpins, you will find Mas Bernadis on your right.


Mas Bernadis
Les Bois
30160 Robiac Rochessadoule


+33 (0) 4 66 60 42 87



44.2634489 N
4.1248192 E

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Mas Bernadis
Les Bois
30160 Robiac Rochessadoule

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