Mas Bernadis is located on the edge of the Parc National des Cevennes. One of the largest and atthe same time scarcely populated areas of France. It is a rough landscape with a lot of animals living in the wild. The Cevennes are a part of the Gard, a region stretching to the Mediterranean. An area able to suit the taste of everyone: Mountains, Coast and Seaside, Cities and Villages with a long history.

The Cevennes

A paradise for bikers, hikers or people who fancy nature in peace and quiet. With peaks such as Mont Lozere and Mont Aigoual, where in summer temperature is easily 15 degrees lower than in a valley such as Saint Enimie on the Tarn or Genolhac. Pastures and villages hidden between the hills, like Pont de Montvert underline the diverse character of the Cevennes. Mont Aigoual, with 1567 meters, the peak of the Cevennes harbours a metereologic station. Closer to Mas Bernadis (about 40 kilometers) lies the Col du pre de la Dame, a mountain of almost 1500 meter. In summer a true paradise for hikers and (mountain)bikers, who do not fear some difference in heights. When the reward, a breathtaking view, presents itself all the hardships are soon forgotten.

The Gard

A region with an incredible diversity. From Mont Aigoual the highest peak of the Cevennes, through the famous Pont du Gard, until the sand of the Mediterranean: a collection of breathtaking places, green forests, heaths and a natural shoreline. A diverse landscape where there is a lot to see and do. Because the region has an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, you run a very low risk that your plans are spoilt by the weather. This area offers a variety of local produce from the well known wines to the “Riz de Camargue”. It is also an area with characteristic festivities (Fetes Votive) focussed on horses and bulls.


Enough sights to keep you busy each day. The Romans already took a liking to this area, at least they left some beautiful buildings behind. The Pont du Gard (rightly placed on the World Heritage list of Unesco) and the Arena of Nimes are two striking examples. The caves of Cocaliere, the charming markets where local “producteurs” sell their produce directly, make it very easy to plan a daytrip. Of course the castles of Aujac, Brésis, Portes and Allegre after whom our Gites have been named, are worthwhile to visit. In small villages like Banne, Lussan, Rochegude of Naves you still can find spots where time seemed to have stand still. If you prefer a more lively surrounding, you can visit mediterranean cities like Nimes, Avignon or Montpellier.

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